The Seeds of Opportunity in Crisis

What if this moment of multiple crises also holds an opportunity to co-create better ways of being post-pandemic?

This piece was originally posted on RVLTN School of Thought.

The Crises

Many of us are feeling the “pandemic wall” right now.


How does one even process all of this?

The Seeds of Opportunity in “Crisis”

We are, hopefully, at a turning point for the pandemic. We are moving out of triage mode. Vaccines are being distributed, cases are dropping. While we are still feeling very much in the darkness, glimmers of light are beginning to signify the arrival of a new dawn, of a new spring.

Conditions needed for opportunity to grow. Visual by @shorejaneshore
  • What is a thriving community?
  • Who do we want to be as Americans? As global citizens?

One Possible Way to Participate

These four conditions can be created in many different ways and do not require a movement — simply a person or two intent on sowing seeds together.

Listen to Juwaria, a high school student in MN, talk about her experience with 100 Days of Conversations.
Image by @shorejaneshore

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[i] Nearly 500,000 Americans have died from COVID, and almost 30 million Americans have been infected with COVID, with unknown future consequences. This is 20% of the 2.43m deaths worldwide even though we only have 4.25% of the population. Our infection & death rate brings up questions of whether we managed to handle this crisis more poorly than any other nation, despite our vast wealth.

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